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Whata��s in the newly-launched Datsun redi-GO?Here are six features that you must know aboutA�before you consider the hatchback

This is definitely the mostA�stylish hatchback in the segment,A�with almost space-age lines all
around. The tall-boy look is maskedA�rather well with a design that has stayedA�true to the initial concept. On the inside
though, it may seem a little drab comparedA�to some of the competition. ItA�keeps things simple with a few
curves thrown in which mayA�actually appeal to manyA�buyers.

Therea��s loads of roomA�in the redi-GO for fourA�adults. However, if youA�attempt to fit threeA�grown men in the rearA�seat, remember toA�keep your journeyA�short. Drivers aboveA�5a��8a�? could also end upA�with bruised knees,A�thanks to the lowerA�shelf in the centre console.A�With 222 litres,
the car has just enoughA�boot space to fit oneA�average-sized suitcaseA�at best.

Engine &A�suspension
Under the short, sloping bonnet is theA�same 800cc, 54PS and 72NM engineA�found on the Renault Kwid, with a
claimed fuel efficiency of 25.17 kmpl.A�The redi-GO feels as peppy as an 800ccA�city car can be and the gearbox doesA�its job well. The suspension setup isA�ideal for Indian conditions and this isA�an area that Datsun seems to understandA�quite well, even with theA�GO hatch.

EstimatedA�price range:
While the official pricing will be out earlyA�June, rumour has it that the Datsun redi-GOA�range of variants will get a price tag of `2.5-`3.5 lakh.
For the money, buyers get a fresh, modern design,A�loads of space for a small family and what is claimedA�to be the most efficient car in its segment.A�Not a bad deal, indeed.

“DATSUNa��S rebirth in 2014 hasA�made the brand focus on makingA�cost-effective cars for theA�masses, and the redi-GO is the
latest to emerge from that lineA�of thought. Packing in a host ofA�features (listed below), we sayA�this entry-level hatchback willA�take on some serious competitionA�in the arena. For a moreA�detailed look at theA�Datsun redi-GO, visit motorscribes.com

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