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What’s in the newly-launched Datsun redi-GO?Here are six features that you must know about before you consider the hatchback

This is definitely the most stylish hatchback in the segment, with almost space-age lines all
around. The tall-boy look is masked rather well with a design that has stayed true to the initial concept. On the inside
though, it may seem a little drab compared to some of the competition. It keeps things simple with a few
curves thrown in which may actually appeal to many buyers.

There’s loads of room in the redi-GO for four adults. However, if you attempt to fit three grown men in the rear seat, remember to keep your journey short. Drivers above 5’8” could also end up with bruised knees, thanks to the lower shelf in the centre console. With 222 litres,
the car has just enough boot space to fit one average-sized suitcase at best.

Engine & suspension
Under the short, sloping bonnet is the same 800cc, 54PS and 72NM engine found on the Renault Kwid, with a
claimed fuel efficiency of 25.17 kmpl. The redi-GO feels as peppy as an 800cc city car can be and the gearbox does its job well. The suspension setup is ideal for Indian conditions and this is an area that Datsun seems to understand quite well, even with the GO hatch.

Estimated price range:
While the official pricing will be out early June, rumour has it that the Datsun redi-GO range of variants will get a price tag of `2.5-`3.5 lakh.
For the money, buyers get a fresh, modern design, loads of space for a small family and what is claimed to be the most efficient car in its segment. Not a bad deal, indeed.

“DATSUN’S rebirth in 2014 has made the brand focus on making cost-effective cars for the masses, and the redi-GO is the
latest to emerge from that line of thought. Packing in a host of features (listed below), we say this entry-level hatchback will take on some serious competition in the arena. For a more detailed look at the Datsun redi-GO, visit motorscribes.com

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