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    French band, Le Philharmonique de la Roquette, pays homage to silent films with their cine-concerts

    French music band, Le Philharmonique de la Roquette, is bringing down a new concepta��the cine-concert. As part of Le Pa��tit CinA�-Concert 2 (The Little Cine Concert 2), the three-member band will screen 11 short filmsa��that includes 3D and animationa��while performing a live concert. In Chennai for the first time, drummer Julien Kamoun says, a�?Ita��s not a movie orA� a concert. Ita��s a movie-concert!a�?

    image3courtsThe idea began as a desire to create music for theatre, but when the banda��born in Arles, France, nearly 15 years agoa�� composed music for a Buster Keaton movie named The General in 1997, they were hooked. a�?We really enjoyed the experience, so we went on to do cine-concerts,a�? says Kamoun. a�?Nowadays, a lot of silent films have disappeared from the movie theatres, and some of the famous actors and directors like Chaplin, Keaton and Murnau are unknown to many young people. But with technology, there is an opportunity to bring them back. This is what we do with Le Pa��tit CinA�-Concert 2,a�? he says.

    This is the third edition of their movie-concert. However, this is the first edition where two short films, Bob le Mouton and Le Chef da��orchestre, have been specifically shot for them. a�?The performance gives a live dimension to the cinema, as the audience can listen to modern music as they watch classic films,a�? says keyboard player Laurent Bernard.

    Fresh from playing in Mumbai and Pune, the band is heading to Chandigarh next. a�?Wea��re happy to be playing in Chennai and hope the audience likes our music,a�? says Kamoun. There will also be a a�?pre-giga�� workshop, with the artistes talking about their music.
    At the Alliance Francaise, 7.30 pm, on October 14. The pre-gig workshop is at 7 pm. Entry is free.

    a��Janane Venkatraman


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