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    Director Dungarpur is on a mission to preserve Indiaa��s film heritage.

    THE second edition of the Film Preservation and Restoration Workshop began yesterday. An initiative of archivist Shivendra Singh Dungarpura��s Film Heritage Foundation (FHF), he is excited that, along with the International Federation of Film Archiving (whose support they had last year too), this year, National Film Archives of India (NFAI) has joined hands with them. a�?Amitabh Bachchan (brand ambassador of FHF) just texted me his appreciation for the same,a�? shares the 47-year-old.
    a�?The most essential rule in film preservation is that films need to be preserved in their original condition. For example, a movie on celluloid needs to be preserved on celluloid only,a�? shares the National award-winner. You can pick up more rules at the documentation and cataloguing session by Thelma Ross (Museum of Modern Art, New York). a�?Special attention is being paid to non film archiving,a�? points out Dungarpur, with sessions like how to look after film posters, photographs, lobby cards, etc, conducted by representatives of the George Eastman Museum, New York.
    This 10-day affair, has 48 participants, among whom are Ira Bhaskar, professor of cinema studies at JNU, and author Rajesh Devra. Classic movies like Do Bigha Zamin and Andha Naal will be screened every day.
    a�?Archiving as an art form has always been neglected by the film industry,a�? he says. Hence, the focus of the workshopa��to preserve our film heritagea��will remain the same for years to come.
    Till March 5. At NFAI. Details: 25652259

    a�� Seema Rajpal


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