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    On Snacksbazzar, rosogollas, spices and murukkus are just a click away

    At first glance, Snacksbazzar impresses with its simple, user-friendly layout. The week-old website has a list of tabs that include sweets, snacks, instant food, fruits and nuts, groceries and chocolates, but Coimbatore-based J Niveditha, the founder, insists that the primary focus of her website is to offer regional delicacies across the country. a�?Especially those that are native to a particular place,a�? she says, pointing out examples like the Tirunelveli halwa that she sources from the famous Irrutu Kadai. Or the pootharekulu, a wafer-like sweet thata��s quite popular in the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. This sweet, made of rice batter, powdered sugar and ghee, also happens to be the websitea��s best seller.
    Sweets from the North are not far behind either, with Snacksbazzar sourcingA� kaju katli and halwa from Bombay and rosogollas from Kolkata. The website also stocks spices from Kerala and cashew nuts and ground nuts from Bengaluru, among other products. We however, were particularly excited to find organic murukkus on the site. Made with rosewater and organic virgin coconut oil, these are provided by her cousin Venudupathi, an organic farmer, we learn. Other local products include spinach powder, millet-based ready-to-eat mixes and organic oils and Niveditha assures us that her products stay fresh for at least a month. Interestingly, their list of items like Mysore pak, elantha vadai and palkova, seem to be attracting plenty of orders from places like New Delhi. Niveditha also plans to open a couple of stores in Coimbatore, with drinks like nannari juice added to the menu.
    From Rs 90 onwards. Delivery charge: Rs 50. Details: snacksbazzar.com
    Karan Pillai


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