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    Hot Club Of Detroit gives the city a taste of gypsy jazz tunes

    If therea��s one band thata��s taking forward the gypsy jazz made famous by Belgian-born French guitarist Django Reinhardt in 1930s,ita��s the Hot Club Of Detroit (HCOD). The other being their Bay Area counterpart in America a�� The Hot Club Of San Francisco. Both of them take their names after Reinhardta��s music group, The Quintet of the Hot Club of France, and revere the sounds made timeless by him and violinist StA�phane Grappelli.
    And to stay true to the Hot Club of Francea��s brand of music, the four-member HCOD, founded by guitarist Evan Perri,doesna��t feature a drummer. a�?Ita��s so much easier to travel without a drummer,a�? quips accordion player, Julien Labro, quickly switching to the technical side of things, a�?In our ensemble, one of the two guitarists take on the role of the drummer by carrying on the rhythm and providing the pulse. Ita��s a demanding job, especially at the crazy fast tempo we sometimes end up playing at.a�?
    Ask him about their USP, and he credits it to their unique instrumentation, involving the use of accordion, as well original compositions that are a�?far more jazziera�? than the regular gypsy jazz works.
    The band from the Motor City of Detroit is travelling to Bengaluru this weekend to give you a taste of their music. Labro shares what to expect, a�?It will be a mix of jazz, swing, and a lot of improvisations at breakneck pace. The set list includes compositions by Reinhardt, and some originals. The ballads, however, are very melancholic, but they provide a nice contrast to the up-tempo tunes.a�?
    On his first visit to India, Labro is hoping to get a a�?crash coursea�? in Carnatic music. He loves this genre, and its unique rhythmic approach. a�?Ia��ve enjoyed listening to the great Ravi Shankar, and AR Rahmana��s Bollywood music,a�? he adds.
    HCOD has four albums under its belt, and is gearing up to record another. Meanwhile, Labro is working on a classical duet project with Grammy Award winning guitarist, Jason Vieaux.
    June 10-12. At Windmills Craftworks. Tickets (`500 upwards) on windmillscraftworks.com

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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