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    Fabindia introduces a line of western wear with Fabels

    FABINDIA forays into the world of contemporary western wear through its chic, new line, Fabels. Scottish-origin designer, Alistair Blair, spearheads the label, merging clean lines with hand-crafted textiles and traditional techniques yet steering clear of a�?Indo-westerna�� or a�?fusiona�� tags (we loved their dhoti-inspired skirts for women!).

    True to textile
    a�?Fabels basically carries the DNA of Fabindia in a contemporary avatar,a�? begins Blair, enthusiastically taking us through his structured jackets, skirts, dresses, blouses and gaucho pants for women, and lapel and Chinese-collar jackets, waistcoats, trousers and shirts for men. All made from handcrafted textiles like linen, cotton, mulmul and silk, often combined in their pure form. a�?I have seen a large number of textiles from top-class mills around the world, but I was truly awed by the beauty of those that come from traditional Indian looms,a�? says Blair who has, over his three decade-long career in the fashion industry, worked with couture brands like Dior, Givenchy, Cerruti and Chloe.

    The designer tells us of his initial reaction and wonder at the pain-staking hand work that goes into each of Fabindiaa��s pieces and the talent among artisans that was his source of inspiration. Hours spent at the drawing board watching artisans around him hand-block and hand-stitch, come to life in this collection in which chanderi sari prints and chikankari embroidery are transferred onto formal mulmul shirts for women, while lapel jackets are hand-blocked and then finished with gudri work.
    Our favourites from the collection are the classic red and black A-line dress, the wrap around floral-print blouse and the navy jacket for men with its barely-visible block print in black.

    On the racks
    The core colour wheel of the line is red, black, navy, coral and white, which Blair says, a�?Is intended to allow people to buy one piece from flow one and come back and find something in practically the same shade from flow two to match.a�? He hopes to bring out a more exuberant collection for men during Diwali, where bolder prints and colours will feature. The line also features a select range of accessories from beaded neckpieces, cuffs and earrings to hand-blocked totes and formal shoes.

    Rs. 990 upwards. At CMH Road, Indiranagar. Details: 41105719

    a��Susanna Chandy


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