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The Jaipur-based Sabri Brothers will enthrall the city with soulful Suifyaana qawwali this weekend

Musical performances at historical places are rare and it gets really royal when traditional cultural musical performances happen at landmark monuments. Taking back the city of Nizams to the royal era, Jaipur Sabri Brothers would be performing at Charminar, the global icon of Hyderabad.
The government of Telangana agreed to host the next musical event of Hyderabad Arts Festival under Charminar, as a gesture to show their love for art.
The musician duo are known worldwide for their powerful, full-throated qawwali that has enchanting nuances, beauty and alchemy of poetry. While the Sufi poetry takes you into a trance, the qawwali will send you into a rapturous mood.
Haji Ustad Farid Sabri (53) and Haji Ustad Ameen Sabri (51) got their singing skills from their father Haji Ustad Sayeed Sabri (80).
It all began in 1975 when the duo performed in Rajasthan. a�?Our first performance was at Ajmer and the moment Bollywood actor Randhir Kapoor approached us for a song in his movie, Henna, it was the stepping stone of success in our career,a�? says Haji Ustad Farid Sabri.
When asked about what Sufiana Qawalai defines, Haji Ustad Ameen Sabri says, a�?Our music speaks about love, brotherhood and is an expression of devotion to God. It does not give momentary pleasure like other Bollywood songs but, it makes your soul happy.a�?
They believe that Sufiana qawwali is directly connected to the almighty and it cannot be separated.
a�?Even if people do not consider this genre of music over other party songs, this genre of music is the message of love. Removing this from music would be like separating the inner soul from a person’s body,a�? says Farid Sabri.
The duo who are currently working on their upcoming album titled Pyar Tha Ya Fareb Tha and a few Bollywood flicks, believes that Hyderabad is one of the best cities in India who are still deeply rooted to their cultural values. a�?The city respects all traditions and cultures and there are a lot of people who still enjoy Sufi and Qawali music in Hyderabad. At last, they are all part of Nizam dynasty. They know how to respect and treat their guests,a�? says Ameen.
The Jaipur-based siblings will be in the city for their 12th performance in Hyderabad and the first under Charminar on April 23. Entry free. Details: 64646262

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