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Join Kryptos this Sunday as they pay tribute to Metallica

Bengalurua��s thrash metal band, Kryptos, also hailed to be one of the pioneers of the genre in India, will start 2016 on a rather nostalgic note. Theya��ll pay tribute to American heavy metal band Metallica, as part of the sixth edition of Impending Doom Club Festival.
Kryptosa�� frontman, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Nolan Lewis tells us, a�?Most of us, I mean metal musicians around the world, have grown up listening to Metallica. Their songs have become a part of us and have shaped our music sensibilities. You can find the right balance of aggression, melodies and musicianship in their work.a�?

Metallicaa��s guitarist James Alan Hetfield has particularly influenced Lewisa�� guitar work. a�?Their instrumental song Orion is another source of inspiration. It influenced my songwriting process. Ita��s a heavy riff with lots of melodies, and harmonies,a�? says Lewis, whose four-member band also looks up to metal torchbearers a�� Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

After the Sunday gig, the band will get down to putting their fourth album together which they plan to release by the mid of 2016. Ita��s going to be a�?a classic 80s album, with retro soundsa�?. Yes, the band likes their music to be old-school. Even at this gig, they will perform songs from Metallicaa��s older albums, Kill a�?Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets and The Black Album. a�?We have always liked the music of the a��70s and a��80s. It makes us feel good. We dona��t care whata��s hot in the music circuit now. We play only what we enjoy. If people like it, ita��s great. If not, it will be more like a tribute to our own good ola�� music,a�? says the 36-year-old Lewis.

a�?Always keep an eye on your own musica�?, Kryptos received this a�?tipa�� straight from none other than the American thrash metal superstars Death Angel during a tour to Europe last year. a�?It (meeting them) was a total fan moment,a�? says Lewis, adding ,a�?We got to learn so much just seeing them perform on stage. These people might be hitting their 50s now. But when they perform, they have the zeal of a teenager. They told us, a�?Concentrate on your music. Dona��t get into the business side of it. Or, you will lose focusa��.a�?
January 3. At Vapour Pub & Brewery, Indiranagar. 8 pm. Tickets ( Rs.450) on
a�� Barkha Kumari


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