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    Conspiracy, catastrophe and much more, in actor Gerard Butlera��s action-packed London Has Fallen

    GERARD Butlera��s upcoming action-thriller, London Has Fallena��a sequel to the 2013 hit Olympus Has Fallena��sees him reprise his role of US secret service agent Mike Banning. But it was King Leonidas who was in demand at a recent promotion of the film at a Marine base, where the Scottish heartthrob had to show the famous kick from his film, 300. Clearly unaffected by the tepid reaction at the box office for his last outing, Gods of Egypt, the 42-year-old talks about the pressures of a sequel and his special diet.

    What are the pressuresA�of making a sequel?
    If your first movie is good and people want another, then you make it. Also, I thought where do you go? You have already attacked the White House and taken the president hostage. The challenge was to make the second movie more thrilling.

    Has anything changed forA�Mike in the sequel?
    He has a wife with a kid on the way and has to re-evaluate his situation. While he is composing his resignation letter, as the movie starts, he is called for this one last project.

    Could you share an experienceA�from the sets?
    I almost got shot in the face one day, by a blank. The actor was supposed to be firing at the dummy and, when we turned, he still had an extra bullet and fired it right past me. Thank God I was fine!

    Did you follow a special diet?
    It was a lot of training for a few months. Ia��m used to it now, but there is that element at the beginning where you have to put down your Cheetos packet.
    London Has Fallen
    releases today.

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