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    When the all-girls dance ensemble, High Kicks, puts a new spin on The Great Gatsby

    On February 7, expect to be transported to New York (circa 1920), as the High Kicks ensemble will be performing a new contemporary dance theatre production, The Green Lighta��an adaptation of Scott Fitzgeralda��s classic love story, The Great Gatsby.a�?This is not a musical, it will be 90 per cent dance and 10 per cent theatrics. Our storya��s look and feel is heavily influenced by Baz Luhrmanna��s vision of New York in the 20s, as seen in his 2013 movie of the same name, and Fitzgeralda��s literary genius. This will also be our most glamorous productiona��with all 17 dancers and seve1n special performers being styled by Jaishria��s Premium Rejuvenation and outfitted by The Gatsby Collection,a�?shares Aparna Nagesh, director-choreographer, whose last offering was The Seeker.
    Though there is no dress code, Nagesh is promoting the event as a black tie evening and would love people to a�?dress upa�?. To enhance the experiential quotient, Medium Rarea��a band that specialises in retro, swing and jazz musica��will be performing at the opening. a�?Honestly, just come for the dancing,a�? says former VJ Carey Edwards, who plays Jay Gatsby in the production. a�?Aparna and the girls are amazing. Ia��ve seen lots of performers and dance companies, but these guys take it to a whole other level in terms of creativity and ability,a�? he adds.
    Meanwhile, the team at High Kicks is already planning the details of their next venture, a five-day dance festival called Big Top. A festival for children and young adults, it is scheduled between April 25-29, to coincide with International Dance Day.
    Rs 200 onwards. February 7, from 7 pm, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Hall. Details: evenjini.com
    a��Anoop Menon


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