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    Gulmohar Lane, the sofa specialists, introduces vintage lighting with modern lines

    it wasna��t a sudden decision. Shweta Mewara and Saurabh Aila had thought of introducing lighting from the time they launched Gulmohar Lane, their furniture brand, earlier this year. a�?But we prefer to take it slow before introducing new products,a�? Mewara says. Now, with the festive season and the new year a couple of months away, the time is right for lights. Featuring industrial-inspired designs, coupled with vintage films and classic nickel finishes, the line includes metal pendant lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers, and even the classic Edison bulbs, with a range of 25w to 40w.
    a�?The lights are designed by us and made by local vendors in Jaipur,a�? she says, adding that the designs are classic with a contemporary edge. For instance, the Milano metal and glass chandelier is the result of giving a singular asymmetrical touch to chandeliers and using minimal crystals. The Edison 40w globe bulb, on the other hand, with smoked golden glass and a quad loop tungsten bulb, features the standard Edison base E27 and can last for around 3,000 hours.
    a�?Customers love to mix and match. So vintage lights have many takers. They are perfect for modern homes, bungalows, five-star properties and farm houses,a�? she continues, adding that smaller flats can use bulbs or the lyon classic metal pendant lamps. a�?For big houses with high ceilings we recommend the broad Istanbul chandeliers,a�? she advises. As for implementing modern technology, Merwara says they have plans. a�?We wona��t mind incorporating experimental concepts like LED filaments in Edison bulbs,a�? she concludes.
    Free shipping. Lights from Rs 190. Details: gulmoharlane.com
    Karan Pillai


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