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Stock up on vintage clothes, accessories and handmade ornaments at Cafe des Arts this weekend

Adding to Pondicherrya��s intangible sense of nostalgia is CafA� des Artsa��s new in-house store that pays homage to everything old and interesting. Located on Rue Suffren, the cafA� is known for its distinctive vibe thanks to its street art, quirky artefacts, interesting books and retro furniture. The store, with its offering of vintage clothes and accessories, fits right in. a�?Vintage pieces are not easy to come by in India,a�? says Eva Laberibe, proprietor, who is into period fashion herself. a�?It is a worldwide trend and slowly catching up with women here.a�?
Most of the clothes sourced by Laberibe from outside the country, are casual day and evening wear. While there are floral and leaf printed shirts for men, women can choose from high-waist jeans, peasant blouses and monochrome tees in pop colours. Dresses are aplenty and come in different styles: below-the-knee, cinched at the waist, or with a kimono neckline. The period featured is the 60s to the 80s, but Laberibea��s only yardstick is that it must catch her fancy. For accessories, there are tinted sunglasses, bling bracelets and hand-stitched leather bags. There is a fitting area, too, in the new space that was erstwhile occupied by Nirvana and Cottonwood.
From Rs 300 onwards, Details: 9994481914

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