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The two-wheeler division of Indian automotive giant, Mahindra, is set to resurrect BSA and Jawa. Zyprexa 5 mg price

It is great news for aficionados of classic motorcycles all over the world, as both BSA and Jawa are on the verge of a comeback. Mahindra & Mahindraai??i??which is part of the upcoming Express Auto Expoai??i??unveiled plans to refocus its two-wheeler business and target premium niche segments, beginning with the acquisition of Classic Legends to co-create a lifestyle mobility company that will make motorcycles under the BSA and Jawa names. Classic Legends will have access to Mahindra Racingai??i??s facilities in Italy to design and launch these new products.

Wheels in motion
While Mahindra has acquired BSA, along with its existing global brand rights, and will be targeting markets like the UK and Europe, Jawa motorcycles will be brand licensed for India and its neighbouring countries in Asia. The plan seems to be simple enoughai??i??create a portfolio of products that are modern in terms of technology but still have that quintessential neo-retro feel that will instantly relate to the respective brands that have been icons of the past. The products to be launched under the two brands will have no frontline association with the Mahindra brand and will retain their own separate identities, including sales and service outlets. It will take about two years for the first of these to roll out, so expect Jawas built at Mahindraai??i??s Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh plant, to hit showrooms in 2018.
Details: mahindra.com

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