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    Kiefer Sutherland is back on the small screen in his iconic role of Jack Bauer

    After a four year hiatus, Kiefer Sutherland returns as Jack Bauer on 24: Live Another Day a�� the notorious agent on the run. Sutherland admits that he was nervous about getting into Bauera��s shoes again. a�?There isna��t a single season that Howard Gordon (creator) and I ever felt was perfect which is why we keep returning with something we feel we got better at,a�? he says, adding that after eight episodes, Gordon wanted the series to be shot in real-time thus extending it to 12 hours. Jon Cassar returned to direct the series and Sutherland tells us more about the evolution of himself, the character and how shooting 24 outside America changes things.

    OTB2Lead6Jack Bauer of 2014
    At the end of season eight Bauerwas estranged from his daughter. He had lost another person he cared for in Annie Werschinga��s character, Renee Walker. And although he saved the day, he did things that were illegal and inappropriate. Now he is estranged from his country, is on the run, hunted by the government he feels hea��s helped. So therea��s a huge sense of anger and frustration, self-loathing as well.

    Working with Jon Cassar
    Ia��ve worked 18-hour days with John and Ia��ve worked proper 12-hour days with him. Wea��ve never left eight hours early. I had about 15-16 pages of dialogue once, I rifled through it and we were done by lunch because I got good at the car process. Unlike many shows, our directors, production staff and crew are unbelievably prepared and so we dona��t shoot 18 hour days all the time. Sometimes we have to but we dona��t make a habit of that.

    The impact of the series
    I dona��t know if ita��s going to be as uniquely or even freakishly current as it woulda��ve been nine months ago when it was written. But it will be topical, dealing with everything from US drones to torture procedures, to peoplea��s culpability within the government. Wea��re also dealing with a Julian Assange-type character who is leaking information. 24 was called a water cooler-type show because people would adopt a side within this conversation, chat and argue about it. Those are fantastic things to come out of a television show in my opinion.

    Shooting in London, not USA
    Ita��s a lot easier to get a cup of tea and a lot more expensive to get a cup of coffee there!

    Impact of location of the script
    The story changes because youa��re not on your own soil. So does the political ramifications of the show. The President of the United States does not have the same authority in London as he does at home. A problem within the context of the US government is now going to impact a physical attack on the English people. Thata��s a huge dynamic shift so you start to get into, at least in our perspective, of the workings of international policy and those things which I think are very fascinating and I think will make not only great dramatic television with some of the licenses that we have taken, but I think some of it is very accurate and will be really informative.

    Mary Lynn Rajskub tells us what makes 24 and her
    character click
    Peoplea��s favourite
    People have not really let 24 go.
    Theya��re still very interested in it and ita��s a vital show. Everyday people would talk to me about Chloe and 24 saying, a�?Ia��m re-watching the boxed seta�? and quoting it to me. Ita��s amazing

    Striking a chord
    Ita��s a combination of pace, plot lines, plausibility and implausibility that creates magic. And the fact that Jack represents this extreme renegade hero who speaks to people in that way. They wish they could be him, cana��t believe what he does or want
    him to save the day.
    Character close-up
    Chloe, the nerd, didna��t start out as likeable or as a main player, then ended up with a machine gun, which was completely unexpected. Thata��s a testament to 24 a�� its got its own formula that it has to stick to that Ia��ve heard the writers talk about being exhausted by trying to make this puzzle work. I think I got lucky to keep coming back because of my loyalty to Jack.

    24: Live Another Day airs on Fridays at 10 pm on AXN.

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