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    The Vedic rock band is back after a yeara��s hiatus with a new single, Shavyatra

    Personal differences had taken Bhramm, the Pune-based Vedic rock band, off the radar for over a year. But now, lead singer Vinit Rai says that a�?bygones are bygonesa�? and the team is back with a new single, Shavyatra. a�?We still have a large fandom and there is a lot of demand for our records and performances,a�? he says, before explaining why the name of their latest offering sounds so dire. a�?Over three years ago, I saw a death procession, which sparked off the idea. At first, no one was very kicked with the concept, but I convinced them that it was about the way people felt around death,a�? he says.

    Track record
    Fans will identify with the song, as it reflects what the band has been known for, ever since they first teamed up in 2008a��a unique blend of Eastern and Western elements. a�?We had no influences as such, though Indian Ocean (the band) definitely set us on the path,a�? the singer says. Bhramm has performed across the country and alongside artists such as Remo Fernandes and Kryptos. One of their tracks, Ravana, made it to the second spot on the VH1 W.O.R.M.E list in 2011, and their newest offering, Shavyatra, is already making waves.

    Up next
    Currently, Rai and bandmates Kushagra Mathur (vocals), Krishnendu Singha (bass), Shashank Naidu (drums), and Mrinal Thapa and Bidhan Rai (guitars) are working on another single. They are also recording their self-titled debut album, which is expected in Octobera��after which theya��ll resume live gigs. When asked about the possibility of Chennai dates, Vinit signs off with a a�?definitelya�?.
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