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    Dominic Cooper is happy to be back in the shoes of Howard Stark in Agent CarterA�

    Fans of Marvel Comics can rejoiceA�as the franchise will begin airing its hit TV series Agent Carter tonight. On the show, scientist Howard Stark, owner of Stark Industries, hires Peggy Carter, an admin at the New York-based Strategic Scientific Reserve, to help him clear his name. Hea��s in trouble, as weapons manufactured by him are being used to spread death and destruction. With this series, actor Dominic Cooper returns as Tony a�?Ironmana�� Starka��s father, a role hea��d played in the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger. In an interview, the British actor shares more about the comeback.

    Will we get to know more about Stark in this TV outing?
    Absolutely. Ita��s always exciting to be part of something this extensive. Thata��s why I think television is making such a resurgence a�� there are so many possibilities. For instance, my character can now go anywhere. Then, leta��s say, Carter is never quite sure about Starka��s motivation, why he is giving her such missions. Whether hea��s doing it for mankind, his own pocket or his inventiveness, I dona��t know.

    How different is it from playing Stark Sr in the movie?
    The only clear difference between the two portrayals is the speed in which everything is filmed. In a way, ita��s wonderful because when you are shooting for a film, you trip yourself up when you have too much time to decide on the possibilities of reacting to a scene or an actor. But if youa��ve less time, (on TV) you do it instinctively. And that, I find, is often the best way. In our real life, we instinctively react and respond to one another, dona��t we?

    Did the scale of the sets shock you?
    On the first day on the sets, there were three cameras, a green screen, all the docks and a speedboat. It was like a huge scale movie. And I kept asking myself, a�?Are you sure this is for TV, what are we making?a�? (laughs). Agent Carter is not like any other TV show. But, I guess, production values and attention to detail have to be high when the story is set in 1946.

    Did you read comic books as a kid?
    No, I dona��t know why. I just played with cars. But I have a dear friend of mine who used to be obsessed with comics. I started reading them later on in life for research and ideas. And I was impressed how imaginative the world of comics is.

    Will Agent Carter only appeal to Marvel fans?
    Not at all. You could watch this series without having any understanding of the world that exists within. It very much can exist as a spy thriller, where you are following these agents, and this womana��s life thata��s changed dramatically.
    Monday-Friday, 11 pm on Star World and Star World HD

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