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Yamaha India’s newest motorcycle, the Saluto RX, is grabbing eyeballs for theright reasons

TEAM Yamaha India, on the recent launch of its motorcycle, SalutoRX, was quoted saying, “It’s got the body of the Saluto and the soul of the RX.” But it is no performance motorcycle. The rugged commuter is targeted at the rural market with a rather nifty price tag of `46,400 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Yamaha may be trying to ride on the RX wave to popularise Saluto; however, even without it, the motorcycle comes in as a fairly convincing option. This 110cc blue core enginepowered motorcycle delivers 7.4bhp at just 98 kg, a decent power-to-weight that claims a fuel ef ficiency of 82 kmpl.

Not the 80s
Before all lovers of the legendary two-stroke pocket rocket go up in arms about the use of the RX name, let’s clear
the air. It is actually a rather decent marketing move. Probably one of the easiest ways to make a new motorcycle more acceptable, is to link it to a glorious product from the company’s past. That’s exactly
what Yamaha has done. Yes, it would have been great to see the RX suffix return with a more potent bike from the Japanese manufacturer,
but that is now reserved for the ‘YZF’ range in the post-two stroke world. Regardless, the Saluto RX is here and it aims to make it big with the masses — just like the original RX100 was all those years ago. And so what if it’s a rather economical approach.

Details: yamaha-motor-india.com
—Muntaser Mirkar


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