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    Eco-friendly rattles, tribal jewellery and pattachitra art at the Craftepreneur exhibition by CCI

    A FIRST for the city, expect a mix of contemporary handcrafted products and home dA�cor made using traditional and even extinct embroidery and stitching techniques at Crafts Council of Indiaa��s (CCI) latest exhibition, Craftepreneur. a�?This exhibition by Crafts Council is to celebrate its 50th year. Twenty one acclaimed designers-cum-entrepreneurs from across the country have being brought together, who focus on revival of ancient techniques to make modern products,a�? says Rajeshwari Endapalli, secretary, CCI. Besides toys made from Channapatna lac-turnery by Varnam and hand appliquA�d T-shirtsA� by Incy Wincy (which retails from Facebook), dona��t miss Northern Karnatakaa��s traditional rope-twisting, wool-felting techniques and the kambal weaving techniques of shepherding communities seen inA� Shramik Kalaa��s products. Our pick:
    Nature love
    Started by Dr Vivek Prasad and Preeti Gupta, Delhi-based Aranya Earthcraft offers jewellery, coasters, fridge magnets and miniatures made of papier-mA?chA� and clay. With designs and motifs inspired by nature, look out for turtles made of walnut shells and flower vases made of recycled liquor bottles featuring tree and ant motifs. On being eco-friendly, Gupta says, a�?Even the glue we use is edible resin from babool trees. We coat them with lacquer to make them water-proof.a�? Priced from Rs.200 to Rs.4,500.
    Strokes of Orissa
    Collective Crafta��s stall by Delhi-based Sibanand Bhol and Shweta Mohapatra, offers wooden wall clocks, jewellery boxes, coasters and trays featuring the traditional and time-consuming pattachitra paintings of Orissa, depicting stories from the Ramayana.a�?Only traditional colours are used, which are prepared by grinding materials like powder of conch-shell, haritala, a kind of stone, leaves and coconut shell,a�? says Bhol. Priced from Rs.600 to Rs.3,000.
    Innovate now
    Jaipur-based Anantaya, by Ayush Kasliwal and wife Geetanjali, have unusually shaped copper bowls with clippings of newspapers imprinted on them and tables featuring miniature Mughal art by artists from Jaipur. Kasliwal, who was awarded EDIDA India Designer of the Year 2013, reveals, a�?We are also bringing brass sculptures of animals like geckos made with an ancient sand casting technique called lost wax casting, that can double up as a bottle opener as well as a table top. a�?
    Priced from Rs.225 to Rs.15,000. Till tomorrow. 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, at Lalit Kala Akademi. Details: 9443946789

    ?A�A�A� Necklace made of ikat fabric attached with coins featuring silver engraved mythological characters in pattachitra art from Zola. Priced at Rs.5,500.
    ?A�A�A� Little ducklings for kids made of Channapatna lac turnery from Varnam. Priced at Rs.750.

    a�� Sharmistha Maji


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