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    Class of a�?84 will take you back to your good a�?ol college days?.

    OVER the years, pop culture has commemorated the nostalgia attached to the college campus. Right along those lines is theatre director Rahul de Cunhaa��s Class of a�?84, on stage in the city this Sunday. Running for more than a decade, the play is about a group of friends that meets after a long time and reminisces about their younger days a�� but in the backdrop of the death of a key member of the gang. Theatre veteran Rajit Kapur a�� who was last seen in the city for the play One on One, also organised by Cherry Pik Ventures a�� this time is playing an actor named Bobby in Class of a�?84 and feels that each person in the audience always a�?finds a link or something to remember their college days bya�?. Thata��s the beauty of the play and the reason behind its long running success. On a lighter note, Kapur relates an incident that occurred during the performance of this play in Pune years ago, where the actors were wearing body mikes and his stopped working on stage. So every time he had to deliver a dialogue, Kapur would stand a little too close to other actors on stage (who had no idea why he was doing it!). a�?We still laugh about it today,a�? he says. The 56-year-old feels positive about theatrea��s development in the past four-five years and signs off with, a�?There are more and more younger people being excited by the stage and theatre… many more groups of youngsters coming out and experimenting with new forms and new writing that itself is a very heartening process.a�?

    On June 26, 6.30 pm, Rs 350 onward Details:bookmyshow.com

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