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    Saralaa��s Art Centre celebrates the late Soli Daruwala with an exhibition featuring the late foundera��s favourites

    This January, the city lost one of her bright stars when Soli Daruwala, regarded the founder of the contemporary art movement in South India, passed away. And tomorrow, on what would have been his 84th birthday, his daughter Sarala Banerjee, who now helms her fathera��s legacy, Artworld Saralaa��s Art Centre, is hosting an exhibition, Golden Tributes, in his honour. a�?My father loved parties and people. So we thought that instead of mourning, wea��d have a party in his honour,a�? begins Banerjee.
    Though ita��s been arranged at such short notice, Banerjee has tried to represent a cross-section of the artists her father was associated with. a�?We are featuring 83 works and though it is a small selection, it offers a glimpse into the people and the art he touched,a�? she says, adding that while some of the art work is from her fathera��s collection, the rest are new.
    Expect to see works from MF Husain, Surya Prakash, Anita Roy Chowdhury, Muralidharan and others. Reminiscing about the old days, Banerjee says, a�?My father was a pioneer and a risk taker, moving from Bombay almost penniless and setting up a contemporary gallery at a time when people hadna��t heard of it. He encouraged new artists, provided a space for them to hang out, discuss art and view the works of other artists.a�?
    Stating that her father had been a strong presence, albeit in the background, almost until he died, she states the 50-year-old gallery will carry on his legacy, supporting new and young artists.
    Tomorrow, at the gallery, from 6.30 pm. Exhibition is on till May 5. Details: 24338691

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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