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    Shea��s been on the airwaves since 2007, hosting Kaadhal Doctor, which was on a late night slot. A couple of years later, she made her presence felt in the day, hosting Rewind Raagam between 11 and 2 pm, which I personally consider one of the toughest time bands for any radio station. Why? The morning drive concludes and people are going about their daya��s work, which makes little or no time for radio. That said, Shivshankari has turned that trend around with her signature style of hosting and the music that goes with it. I caught up with the very charming and free-spirited presenter to find how she keeps Chennai engaged with her talk.
    How do you keep the wheel spinning on a tricky time slot?
    I would like to believe that I am a friend who talks about anything and every thing. I start with my fresh a�?good morning, good morning, good morninga�? (yes, it’s already 11 am, but still) and then ita��s more of a personal touch with my listener and, of course, coupled with positive thoughts. I speak about topics that are current and light-hearted, which will make you want to share your opinion as well.
    Tell us about the show and the response to it?
    It takes you back to your school and college days. The music is from the 90-2005 era and the response for the music has been phenomenal. The feedback for the show, with regards to content, has been great as well. Even on a dull day when I open up the lines for an interaction with callers, there is always overwhelming involvement. We have everyone from the common man to Kollywood stars who check into the show. Once a listener was dejected with her life and was about to take a drastic step. She heard me speak about a positive thought and that turned things around for her. Ita��s simply the power of radio. Controversial topics and humour do work, but I believe being positive works better.
    Any wish list for your show?
    Ia��d like to be mobile and be seen in every part of the city. Maybe even ride a horse on Mount Road and do a show! Ia��d like to do something for our men as there is no special show for them. The list goes on.
    See you next week.

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