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    You and your friends are locked inside a room, and you have exactly 60 minutes to escape. Therea��s nobody to help you except for a trail of clues, ciphers and codes planted inside. Now put your heads together, think laterally, get them cracking and walk free. Game over!
    Yes, ita��s a game that we are talking about. These a�?live escape roomsa�� are taking the entertainment industry around the world by storm. The good news is that ita��s now available in Bengaluru, and goes by the name of Riddle Room.
    Started by couple Venkatraman R (32), and Nishita Shah (30), Riddle Room has been in operation for a little over two months, and has since been receiving a steady stream of gamers, geeks, students and corporates, mostly during weekends.
    Currently, there are two theme-based rooms to a�?playa�� in. In a�?The Laboratorya��, you are sent in as a government agent to save Romania from a biochemical attack. Inside a�?The Tomba��, you are an archaeological expert who has to recover five pieces of the mystical Golden Capstone.
    Once you decide on the room, you are blindfolded, let inside, and the game begins.
    The duo first experienced a live escape room during their holiday in Thailand last year. While Venkatraman, who is into gaming, and Shah, who loves everything Sherlock-ian, didna��t escape the room as easily as they had thought they could, they were bowled over by the idea. They started working on the Riddle Room in February, designed games and puzzles and even consulted a specialist from Budapest.
    What if someone is stuck inside? Venkatraman says, a�?We follow your progress on video monitors. If you are close to cracking a clue, but stuck, we slide a hint on a paper under the door. You can also ask us for a hint. But with every hint, we deduct two minutes. At the moment, we help people with as many clues, irrespective of the time. We want them to walk out of the room with a sense of accomplishment and acceptance for this game.a�?
    Ita��s advisable for you to book an appointment and go. A minimum of two and a maximum of seven can take the challenge for Rs 600 and Rs 450 per head respectively.
    While a few feel ita��s a bit expensive for just an hour of puzzle-solving activity, we think ita��s many times cheaper than flying to Thailand to play it. Dona��t you agree?

    At Raheja Arcade, Koramangala, Bangalore.
    Details: riddleroom.in

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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