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    A new stopover for hardcore bikers sees pasta on the breakfast menu and eight villas with a chakra theme

    Given my Google search for Tummy Tucker on East Coast Road only resulted in 15 options a��on losing weight with a flexible belt or nip-tuck optionsa��Facebook was the next stop. For now, there are 20 likes, but it seems likely to grow. At the vegetarian eatery on Kovalam Road, I learn that Harley Davidson riders (HOG) are regulars, especially on Sundays. At around 6 am, you will find at least 50 super bikes ranging from the sportier Fat Boy to the latest Daytona from Triumph. The general manager of the cafe, S Peruman Pillai, justifies why the cafe is called Tummy Tucker. a�?Most of the guys who ride in are a little old, often with a belly. They come here every weekend and relive what they did 20 years ago. The name with the thin mana��s logo is what most of them want to look like (see picture)a��young, with a narrow waist, broad shoulders and chiselled features,a�? he jests. Though Pillai is not a biker, the cafe has wallA� hangings of bikes sourced from China.
    Got an appetite?
    Besides the usual idli, dosa, sambar vada and uthapam, Tummy Tucker has pasta and macaroni and cheese for breakfast. With other options on ECR like Sangeetha.a�?We wanted to concentrate on both Indian and Continental dishes,a�? says Pillai, who has more than 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Try some of their South specials like cashew masala dosa, aloo bonda, pesarratu with upma and idly vadacurry. I try their indulgent a�?mac and cheesea��, that is creamy and reminds me of comfort food and my companion tries the rava dosa that is crisp and not too oily. Pillai also has a Sunday brunch (`200).
    Stay the night
    Pillai gives us a tour of the eight villas behind the restaurant. Chakra Villas, an initiative by Pallavarajha promoters is perfect for a weekend getaway, with 16 rooms named after each chakra like vayu and mahatala. The room rates are priced higher (`8,000 for weekends)A� for a reason. a�?I want families to come. I do not want to fall under the budget hotel category,a�? he clarifies. For entertainment, there is a club house, a mini theatre, a volleyball court and a conference room. However, the highlight is the sea-facing cabana. a�?We also plan to introduce sea food platters and a spa room,a�? shares Pillai.

    Lunch for two costs `300 Details: 27443359
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