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    With quirky costumes and a space shuttle in the mix, over 100 children of A to Z Creativity will bring a Roald Dahl classic alive.

    With children as young as five years trying their best to intimidate us, therea��s a chance of falling in love with the a�?knidsa��a��those squishy, vermicious, shape-changing aliens that ruled a few of Roald Dahla��s works, and a lot of our thoughts, as children. The upcoming adaptation of Dahla��s Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, by children aged five to 17, later this month will see the knids pitted against Charlie and his coterie.

    The chocolate factor1
    The production is set to transcend the stage, and turn into a celebration of Dahl and the characters he brought to life. While at the venue, you can soak in the flavour of Dahl, literallya��in Amadoraa��s Wonka-flavoured ice-creams or Addicted to Chocolatea��s sweet treats themed after the character. Therea��s also a quiz on the book by Spero, and a sale of the authora��s works by Higginbothams.
    a�?Roald Dahl is an author whose appeal pans the entire age spectrum,a�? says Shaan Katari Libby, who adapted and directed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last year, as part of the annual show of her brainchild, A to Zee Creativity, which trains children in the arts. The six-year-old centre, named after her kids, Adam and Zai, has over 100 children as part of this show, she informs us.
    a�?Most of the kids who were part of the prequel are playing a role this year, too,a�? says Shaan. Both days of the play will feature a different cast in order to give more children a chance to get on stage, she adds. Owing to the resounding response to his performance last year, 14-year-old Rohan Manoja��who played Grandpa Joea��will reprise the role on both days this year, too.

    Space trip
    With the story taking Charlie and his grandparents into the Milky Way, the Space Hotel and the White House, this production is bound to be a visual spectacle. While Libby and Michael Muthu of Boardwalkers are jointly designing the lights, and hoping to put LEDs to good use, the space shuttle is being designed in Perspex (acrylic glass) by Inci Construction and Interiors. Libbya��s mom and thespian, Tehzeb Katari, will be doing the costumes.

    At Chinmaya Heritage Mission, on April 16-17, from 6.30 pm. Tickets from Rs 200 to Rs 500 on eventjini.com

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