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High-tech cycles, professional fitting sessions and trained staff to ensure a smooth ride

Synonymous with making cycling in the city a�?coola��, Bums on the Saddle (BOTS) has taken their enthusiasm for the sport to the next level. The launch of their second store is geared to putting pros and newbies attracted to the sport on the right track. And to this end, they have brought in Specialized, one of the biggest names in the cycling world, as the sole distributor in India.

Specialized, an American brand, well known for creating technically advanced products for the discerning rider, stocks a special mix of brands and products that are all related to cyclists and bicycles. The store, located on Infantry Road, is a typical Specialized Concept Store filled with high-tech bicycles and gear that ranges from saddles to sippers and shoes. Everything in it supports the high expectations of a Specialized rider in terms of both products and service.

Free wheeling fun
The passion of Rohan Kini, founder of BOTS, has indeed spread to his entire team too, with the staff at the store brimming with enthusiasm and encouragement to newbie bikers and appreciation and advice for veterans. a�?BOTS was originally all about building a community of cyclists who would get together for the pleasure of adventure. It was about sharing experiences and helping a fellow cyclist with technical expertise,a�? shares Kini, adding that retail and the business venture is just a by-product.

Intimidating looking machines and very professional looking equipment and accessories dominate the space. The bicycles in-store range from the sleek, folding Dahone and the Surly selection of touring models. The mountain bikes, in vibrant reds, blues and yellows, will give adrenalin junkies much to dream about with their attractive solid alloy-framed bodies and sturdy wheels. Endure and Rockhopper both caught our eye for their tough and mean look while the Tarmac and Allez will suit stylish bike-to-work enthusiasts beautifully.

Pedal pushers
Therea��s a special section dedicated to gear and accessories that will make a super addition to your home-kit. Jerseys, saddles, mechanic kits, helmets, stop-watches and frames fill up this space and help to enhance your riding experience.

a�?We are all about Specializeda��s tagline a�� One with your bike. That is why wea��ve launched even the Body Geometry Fit concept in the store,a�? shares Kini, elaborating that the prime purpose is to make a�?the riding experience super comfortable and enjoyable, whether ita��s a cross-country endurance ride or a quick trip to the grocery storea��. The Body Geometry Fit is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, for longer distances and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury. The session will study your stance, saddle and recommend your bike. Each session takes three to four hours.

Accessories `500 upwards and cycles Rs60,000 upwards. At Infantry Road. Details: 41505583

a��Aakanksha Devi