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    The Belgian brand enters the Indian market with 10 custom-built bikes.

    Cycling has picked up momentum in the city recently, with people choosing to ride for health, for a cause, or as a sport. In fact, Vasanth Ramaswamy, an avid cyclist and co-founder of the Tamil Nadu Cycling Club, calls it the new-age golfa��connecting people from all walks of life. a�?The number of cyclists in the city has seen an exponential rise, from about 20 riders in 2008 to over 8,000 riders in 2016,a�? says the 42-year-old, who picks OMR, ECR, Outer Ringer Road, Thiruporur-Chengalpeta��s inner roads as the best routes.
    Taking note of this upward trend, Belgium-based Ridley Bikes launched its cycles in Chennai last week, in collaboration with TI cycles. Distributed in over 30 countries, Ridley holds numerous patents for its aerodynamically-designed frames and forks.A� Their models, Noah Fast and Noah SL, are considered the fastest in the world, as they minimise the ridera��s effort to cut through the wind. Joachim Aerts, founder and CEO of Ridley Bikes, says, a�?Ten models will be custom-built for India, in terms of bike frame geometry and bike componentsa��to suit an Indian rider and to ensure competitive pricing.a�?
    The bikes for India include hybrid city bikes for men and women, mountain bikes and one for children. The models will be in stores from June, with prices starting from Rs 25,000. The launch also introduced 14 Belgium models (Rs 63,000 onwards) that will be in stores in a couple of weeks.
    Available at Track and Trail, OMR. Details: 31008001

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