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    RJ Malavika goes from college gigs to global brand ambassador

    Currently one of two hosts of a radio breakfast show a�� called Breakfast No 1 with Sid and Malavika on City 1016 in UAEa��s top Bollywood radio station, Malavika Vardhan has come a long way from her emceeing days at Mount Carmel College. She tells us more.

    Starting out
    RJ Darius had come to college to judge a public speaking contest which I won. Then, he agreed to let me drop by the station to do voiceovers. So when a slot for the night show opened up, I very confidently went in for an audition and landed the job!

    Your influences
    There was something about the medium that a�?had me at helloa�? be it my mum listening to music all day with distinct tunes of Vividh Bharti and Nirma resounding or the sound of Rohit Barker and Vera Masceranes.

    The Bangalore listeners
    They are open minded, accepting and interested in the new with a great respect for what is classic. You dona��t mess with Bangaloreans about music no matter where youa��re from! Perfect breeding ground for us radio-types.

    Being an RJ in the city
    People are very accepting. If I were to play something off-beat, I would get a packed house and an applause here. In Dubai, it is all about chartbusters.

    Going global
    The 100 Healthy Days initiative I started got thousands of followers and I was chosen to be Brand ambassador for Fitbit along stars like Mindy Kaling and Ryan Reynolds!

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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