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    A round up of the bestA� in Olympics 2016 coverage this year.

    Two weeks into the games and the action atA�Rio De Janeiro has gotten bigger and better, especially with virtual reality and robotic cameras making their presence felt. We bring you up to speed on the best of Rio coverage.
    BBC Sport 360: This experimental app, available currently in the UK, allowsA�users to watch everything from volleyball to athletics using virtual reality headsets, like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR. The 360 degree videos are a first for the broadcasting giant, andA� still has a few glitchesa��like the slow and grainy stream with frequent crashes.A�However, it does give users a unique experience of the Rio atmosphere. Those without VR headsets can access the feature online, through BBC Taster. Details:A�play.google.com
    Getty Images: While Usain Bolta��s winning grin went viral, the photo agency behind it is impressing with its bolstered arsenal this year, with underwater and overhead robots and 360 degree virtual reality cameras. Getty Images is using Canon 1DX Mark IIs, submerged in pools with video game controllers to access the 360A�panorama cameras, for the desired shot. Now you know where the phenomenal underwater finish line shots of Michael Phelps are coming from. Details:A�gettyimages.com
    Beyond the Map: This feature from Googlea��s Art and Culture seriesA� is for those who want to discover Rio beyond the pomp of the Olympics. Expect a 360 degree immersive video experience (with stunning street and aerial views) of Rioa��s landscapes, including their infamous favellas (slums), with guided tours accompanied by narrative and music.

    Details: beyondthemap.withgoogle.com

    a��Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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