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    Brekkie delivers wholesome combos directly to your door

    Firm in the belief that breakfast is the most important yet most neglected meal of the day, a group of friends-turned-entrepreneurs founded Brekkie. An enterprise that delivers a hearty, healthy breakfast every day of the week in Indiranagar, ita��s run by former advertising professionals Haripriya Raja and Ashwin Chandrasekaran, along with stock trader Nikhil Behl.
    Pick and mix
    Fifteen main dishes, sides and mini treats make up the rotating menu, and the focus is on Indian breakfast specialties. Meal combinations that took our fancy included rava idly and chutney as a main course, corn sundal on the side, and a peanut butter cookie as a treat, or the menu made up of spinach paratha, twisted daliya and shortbread. Brekkie is gaining a reputation for giving a healthy twist to traditional recipes. a�?We use oats in our poha which adds flavour and makes it more filling,a�? shares Chandrasekaran. Apart from that, theya��ve experimented with idly stuffed with aloo masala, and promise to use minimum oil.
    Early days
    Despite the fact that a�?it hasna��t sunk in yeta�� that they are actually entrepreneurs, the group is so pleased with Brekkiea��s success in Indiranagar, that they are already making plans to expand into new areas of the city. a�?We wona��t grow too fast, as the most important thing to maintain our quality and freshness,a�? explains Raja. Theya��re currently testing out the feasibility of also delivering to Koramangala, so watch this space.
    `50 upwards. Details: www.brekkie.in
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