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    Meagan Good and Stark Sands continue the film Minority Reporta��s fight against evil

    Fans of the Tom Cruise-starrer, Minority Report, can rejoicea��its TV adaptation is going on air soon. Eponymously named, the sci-fi show is set in Washington DC 2065, 11 years after the events of the 2002 hit film. The series follows the life of a former PreCog named Dash, played by actor Stark Sands, who has the unique ability to predict crime. He has, therefore, been roped in by detective Lara Vega, essayed by actress Meagan Good, to prevent crime. The detective-vigilante duo gets talking about their roles, the bonding, and the technology the film spawned.

    Two good
    While Dash gets visions of the crimes, the details are never enough, and that is because his PreCog siblings are no longer around him. So Vega steps in to interpret and put together these visions. But they are not a full-proof team. Good tells us, a�?Initially, Dash doesna��t trust Lara because he has been misused in the past. Their relationship only evolves over time, and that is because both of them want to change the world and make it a better place.a�?

    Their interactions arena��t always edgy though. As Sands shares, a�?Dash is socially awkward when it comes to understanding human interaction, whereas Meagana��s character Vega is living in the real world. She has a sharp wit so when she cracks a joke, I dona��t get it. And every time she uses sarcasm, I end up taking her seriously, and literally. And that leads to quite a few comic moments between the two of us.a�?
    Secrets abound
    Can Dash control his senses? a�?He has a limited ability to control it. That means, whenever a murder happens, his PreCog abilities overcome him, and he has to find a place to hide so that people wona��t wonder why he is having a convulsion.a�?

    Detective Vega has secrets to keep as well. a�?Dash is illegal and so Ia��m already off-road from the moment we start working together. Thata��s something that I have to keep away from my lieutenant because I can lose my job over that,a�? says Good.

    Tech first
    When the film Minority Report came out, it gave us a glimpse into a kind of futuristic technology that didna��t exist at the time. Swipe technology, selfie drones that could fly off a childa��s wrist and take pictures, and a smart gun that could gauge a situation to choose a bullet automatically, were some of the innovations used. a�?It goes that after watching the movie, and seeing Tom Cruise swipe all those widgets from left to right, Steve Jobs said, a�?I want to use that, leta��s make that reala��. Thata��s how we have the swiping technology on our phones now. And as for us, ita��s exciting to know we have an opportunity as a show to predict the future from a scientific standpoint, and not just fantasy,a�? signs off Sand.

    Premieres on March 7, 9 pm on FX and FX HD

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