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A flea marketA� brings seniorA� citizens to the fore

AIMING to bridge the gap between the past and present, and even change the way senior citizens are looked at, the Silver Surfers Club promotes the demograph as fun and inspiring a�?silver surfersa��. a�?We create a platform where those who are retired can pick up their passion and turn it into a business,a�? begins Dipti Varma Narain, who started the quirky club.
At the Opus In The Creek flea market this weekend, you can expect these Silvers to share not just their hand-crafted products, but their interesting stories too. a�?Some of the people have gone back to their childhood passions. We have a retired CA who now designs intricate silver jewellery,a�? Narain says, referencing Yezdi Unwalla, who will be at the event selling his beaded jewellery.
Yoga practitioner and proprietor of Anua��s Bamboo Hut and Cafe in Mysore, Anuradha Ganesh, brings her famous chocolate pies to the table. Other Silvers, like Martha Kohlhagen of Marthaa��s Preserves makes her way here with her famous bottled goodies, while Paul Fernandes presents his city-centric art on glasses cases, mugs, laptop bags and more. Residents of Whitefield should also check out the Silver Bazaar for home-made pickles, Anglo-Indian food and fresh bakes. Hand-painted saris, ethnic and maternity wear by Kalpana Rao of Paria��s and accessories created from metals and semi-precious stones by Manjul Menon will also be on offer, as will home decor and trinkets.
Going with a tropical theme, you can not only indulge in a spot of shopping, but also avail the all-day happy hours offer. Talented duo, Roly and Andre will entertain with some Latino music to go along with those refreshing drinks.
Rs. 110. April 12, 11 am to 7 pm. At Whitefield. Details: 9739444462
a�� Ahana Appiah