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    Producer, DJ and musician, Tommy Trash

    DJ Tommy Olsen brings his unique sound and eclectic discography to the city

    Producer, DJ and musician,A�TommyA�Trash, took the EDM scene by storm in 2006 and has grown to become one of theA�biggest names in dance music. He hasA�dominated charts and dance floors with hits, including the iconic The End and Reload. And despite being jet-lagged and hungry, he talks about his weirdness coming out in his distinct music, hit songs, influences and the quest to find the perfect butter chicken.

    Producer to DJ
    As a producer you are slaving in the studio. DJing allows you the satisfaction of playing your own music. That said, I cannot see myself not creating music, so if forced to choose, Ia��d pick being a producer over DJing.

    The End as an iconic hit
    I never dreamed of it. It was the end of my journey in Australia at the time. It was the first time I took a risk with my music and went with my gut instinct, despite peoplea��s advice. It was a great life lesson. And the beginning of a new start.

    Classical music at university
    Piano and orchestra is what I did earlier. But when choosing a career, I couldna��t see myself sitting at the back of an orchestra forever. I began listening to house music and got into EDM. It wasna��t an over-night process. It took some time.

    The story behind the name
    I originally made trance music with a band and we were called Trashthetic. When I branched out on my own and Ministry of Sound asked my DJ name, I instinctively responded with Tommy Trash. They loved it and it stuck.

    On working with Tiesto
    Ita��s a bit surreal. I remember watching DVDs of his performances because he was very influential in my career. Hea��s so helpful and generous. Ita��s great to be able to pick up the phone to chat, hang out and have Jaeger shots with him.

    Tryst with India
    More than anything else, I desperately want to eat butter chicken. I used to eat it in Sydney a lot, so I am looking forward to making a comparison with the real thing.

    The upcoming gig
    Expect intense hair flying. Ia��m going to be playing new songs, many of which havena��t been heard before. Most of the gig will have my own music.

    10 years from now
    I dona��t know where I will be or whom I will be with. The only guarantee, if I am alive, is that I will make music forever.
    At Hotel Royal Orchid, HAL Airport Road. Tickets (Rs 1,350)
    at bookmyshow.com

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