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    Ita��s great to have a bouquet of radio channels to choose from, only if therea��s a variety of sound on-air. Differentiating regional radio is quite a task. When you get into a cab or a place with the radio playing, it’s hard to know which station you are listening to as most of them have a similar sound design.
    Radio presenters dona��t help either. Most of them have a clichA�d way of talking and the worrying trend is that they fancy themselves more on social media videos, when they should actually be trying to figure a way to stand out. Radio units who are playing music from other languages dona��t have this issue as they are a handful in the city, making itA� easier to recognise them by the music they play.
    Ita��s quite an embarrassing moment for any station when you dona��t get identified by your listener. All the creative jargon and conference room talks by the higher-ups at a radio unit are of no use then. How can this be avoided? It cana��t. However the problem could be addressed by playing music differently and recruiting good voices, which Ia��m five hundred per cent sure this city has.
    Radio stations have seen what the last ten years have been like. Ita��s really up to them to better themselves as we listeners have a million options on the web. I think radio units believe that music cannot be downloaded and hence they feel like an only source of water in the desert! As a radio channel, when you deny class to the mass, in a way you are not only condescending but you also have no clue who your listeners might be.
    The sound of radio is no longer what it was. Ita��s cluttered with blaring advertisements, tunes that get played under the guise of music, forced humour, croaking voices and pretentious talk and to top it all, social media videos with those who have a face for radio! The sad part is most stations are on the same page. No wonder it gets difficult to identify them.
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