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Will the Dominor 400ai??i??s price tag mean no Xai??i??mas cheer for these rivals, or will they still celebrate? Where buy nizoral shampoo

KTM 200

DukeIt may be the Dominarai??i??s close cousin, but the 200 Duke is now getting old. It is also almost `8,000 more expensive for a bike that has half the cubic capacity and is a whole 10PS down on power. Until the upgraded Dukes come out in 2017, it is also down on equipment ai??i?? specifically, LED headlights. We donai??i??t see too many buyers for this ageing model now. The KTM 390 Duke, though, is a completely different story. Details: ktm.com/in

Mahindra Mojomojo
The Mojo did carve a niche for itself with its sport-tourer pedigree that saw absolutely no competition from any of the manufacturers. In a market that primarily compares every motorcycle of similar capacity, it has had it tough from the Dukes. With the arrival of the Dominar that undercuts the Mojo by a massive `34,000, and brings in a similar appeal in the type of motorcycle that it is, this Mahindra better have a trick up its sleeve. Details: mahindramojo.com

Royal Enfield Classic 350/5005
These two have legacy on their side and a brand loyalty that every other motorcycle maker is most definitely envious of. Comparing facts and figures for these with the Dominar 400 might not do justice, though Bajaj has made it clear that theyai??i??re expecting to take a piece of the sales pie away from Royal Enfield. Whether or not that will happen, and to what extent, is something only time will tell. Details: royalenfield.com


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