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Three essentials on tour this season

Triton Jacket
A good motorcycle jacket gives loads of protection, and also adds style and functionality to your ride. The DSG Triton is an affordable option for a tourer, with its 600 denier Cordura fabric construction that is not only dust and water resistant but also freeze resistant up to -25 degrees. Therea��s a warm liner inside and the jacket is laced with 3M reflective ScotchliteA� material, too.
Rs 7,499 on planetdsg.com.

Via Terra Claw
A saddlebag is an absolute necessity to carry all your essentials on a motorcycle over long distances without having to worry about backaches. Via Terraa��s Claw is a combination of a saddlebag and a tailbaga��it offers the best storage versatility you could want and ita��s rugged and reliable. The design ensures the bag is secured well and it has reflective lining. Rs 2,900 on

LS2 Abyss Helmet
Touring enthusiasts often opt for modular helmets over rigid full-face ones, mainly for their ability to give the protection of the latter combined with the comfort of an open-face lid. The LS2 Abyss is one of the best options out there and comes with an in-built sun shield system. Therea��s adequate ventilation to keep you cool on the hottest of summer days and the flip back system is easy to operate with gloved hands.
Rs 7,450 on amazon.in.In


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