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Three essentials on tour this season

Google Maps
Google Maps isA� surprisingly detailed for India and ita��s the best place to not only search for places and navigate to them but also to mark out your own favourite spots that may not have been discovered yet.

Looking for a good place to eat? Nothing comes closer to Zomato, even if youa��re not looking to order a take away. Thata��s not all though a�� considering Zomato has every big eating address listed, you could even use it to find the closest clean washroom. Leta�� face it, when you have to go, you have to go.

No one wants to get into a medical emergency on a road trip, but just in case you need a doctor, trust Practo to get you to the closest one. It has small clinics, dispensaries, specialists and big hospitals listed so youa��re never too far away from medical attention.

Rooms Tonight
Sometimes road trips encounter unforseen hurdles a�� road blocks, traffic and general fatigue can be some of them. Rooms Tonight lists some great last minute deals on accommodation for exactly these kind of situations so the next time you need to
stop for the night, dona��t stress, just book a room and rest.


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