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    The Canadian TV host explores food from the west coast onA� Dolce India

    Filming The Backwaters of Kerala episode at Fort Kochi for Dolce India, Canadian host and food aficionado David Rocco had to break the ice with the local fishermen. Rocco used his time-tested trick to connect with people, that is, cooking. Preparing an elaborate meal with spaghetti and calamari, he bonded with the fishermen, who in turn taught him how to haul Chinese fishing nets. The culinary travelogue a�� which originally premiered on Fox Life in 2014 a�� is influenced from a similar earlier show, Dolce Vita, hosted by Rocco himself, in Italy. Returning with its second season, titled David Roccoa��s Dolce India, he will delve into cuisines found in the countrya��s west coast, in places like Kerala, Goa and Amritsar.DSCF8620
    a�?There are a lot of culinary adventures lined up this season. In Goa, I experiment cooking with toddy vinegar. Then ita��s off to Kerala, where I try the local way of cooking beef and clams in coconut, then to Kolkata to taste the Indo-Chinese cuisine developed by the 200-year-old Chinese community there,a�? begins Rocco, who expresses his fondness for South Indian fish curries and Portuguese-influenced Goan vindaloos. The Canadian of Italian-origin draws similarities between Indian and Italian cuisines. a�?Both cuisines vastly differ from region to region and slow cooks its meat using onion, garlic, tomatoes and legumes,a�? adds Rocco. Now putting together a book on the Italian families he had met and their food traditions, Rocco promises to write a book on Indo-Italian recipes.
    David Roccoa��s Dolce India Season 2 on Fox Life from Monday to Tuesday, 10 pm.

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