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With exclusive designs, Maneck Jewels gives you another good reason to invest in diamonds this season

Diamonds may be a girla��s best friend, but any old piece doesna��t cut it anymore. With sales increasing every year, it sometimes becomes harder to find bespoke pieces that will turn conversation starters. Thata��s where the luxe Maneck Jewels makes their marka��they are all about exclusive pieces. Focussing on the concept of the Navratna or nine gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, blue and yellow sapphires, coral, cata��s eye, hessonite and pearls), their jewellery has been designed exclusively by their in-house designers.
From the usual (think symmetrical chokers and two-line neckpieces) to the slightly unusual (I particularly liked one that reminded me of a Peter Pan collar, featuring marquise and drop-shaped diamonds with a Columbian emerald), the designs vary. The one unifying factor, however, is that every piece on display is set in white gold. a�?Precious white metalsa��like white gold and platinuma��are the best mediums to bring out the natural shine and colour of diamonds,a�? says Kunal Maneck, director. While they do work with yellow gold (on request), they prefer not to.Rs.25,00,000 upwards. Details: 9884532260

a�� Kaavya Krishna