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    It seems like every week we manage to find an excuse to indulge in some retail therapy and this week was no different. Except this time around we were joined by hordes of people, all gathered bright and early, on a Saturday morning. The event in question was the arrival of international brand, H&M, in the city. Marking the momentous occasion was a crazy long queue at Express Avenue, which you had to see to believe. I kid you not. Hundreds of people patiently waiting for the doors to open. While the countdown was in progress, the crowds were treated to DJ spin offs, dance performances by the store employees, as well as mega goodies being given away to the first few in line. Meanwhile, not too far away, on Khadar Nawaz Khan road, Evoluzione presented Shriya Bhupalai??i??s stunning debut collection, to a less frenzied but equally appreciative audience. The designer of choice for starlets from Alia Bhatt to Samantha Prabhu, found favour with the cityai??i??s young ai???fashionistasai??i??. While the press was more interested in Bhupalai??i??s upcoming wedding with actor Nagarjunaai??i??s son, Akhil, the ladies had their sights firmly set on the clothes.
    As day turned to evening, we traded in our regular clothes for our once-a-year chance to be whomever we wanted, at Shannon and Rohan Prabhakarai??i??s annual Halloween bash. Some serious thought went into the characters we would play and, after much deliberation, I settled on a cop and convict couple costume; yours truly the latter and my better half, the former. The guest list saw everyone from Harley Quinn to Fester Adams, and a few zombies and vampires who stayed in character through the night.
    The weekend ended with some fabulous performances, making it a challenge that only the best of multi-taskers managed. At Phoenix MarketCity, crowds gathered for Eric Martin, front man of Mr Big, who, in the face of technical difficulties, put on a great show. The audience stayed put from start to finish, singing so loud in some cases you could barely hear Martin. Kudos to him for being a great sport and answering loads of questions from his fans as well.
    On the other side of town, at Sir Mutha Hall, Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense, a play adapted from the novels of PG Wodehouse, saw a packed house. It came as no surprise that the original cast from the award-winning West End production had the crowd in splits.

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