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    Catch German band SuidAkra, as they mixA� death and Celtic folk metal

    AS you gear up for the Wacken Metal Battle, a worldwide music contest with heavy metal bands from different countries participating, keep an eye out for SuidAkra, the Germany-based band that is headlining six metal shows in India. After performing in Kolkata, Guwahati, Hydera-bad, they will be performing at the Goethe Institut on May 24. The 20-year-old, four-piece band is excited about their visit and talk about how they have evolved over the years. a�?We sound more professional, have a great line up, we are all best friends and have a great time together,a�? says Arkadius Antonik, founder and frontman of the band.

    Story in a song
    Having released 11 albums in the past 10 years, the band talks about a well-known concepta��mixingA� death metal with Celtic folk. a�?We started to mix the two sounds back in the 90s before all this pagan thing came up because we wanted to add something special to our music. It was a totally new experience and it allows us to keep our sound very unique,a�? says Antonik. The band is also known for incorporating stories in their songsa��the most popular being from Celtic mythology.

    The Chennai connect
    First timers to Chennai, they tell us about the rise of metal fans in the country. a�?From my point of view, I see more international bands coming to India and I have a feeling that this scene is growing, which is cool,a�? says Antonik, who is looking forward to performing for the first time in Chennai. The band is currently busy touring the country and plans to start working on their new album in 2015. As for their favourite metal band, they point to British band Carcass, the leader in the metal genre.
    At Goethe Institut, on May 24. Details: 28331314

    -Mrinalini Sundar



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