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    Prince Andrew Abraham debuts as a director with a Broadway classic

    The popular Broadway musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, is being recreated as part of St Georgea��s Schoola��s tercentenary celebrations. And Prince Andrew Abraham is making his directorial debut with it. The city-based theatre artistea��who played Le Fou in Disney Live Entertainmenta��s debut theatre venture in India, The Beauty And The Beasta��is excited about transporting audiences to ancient Canaan and Egypt with the biblical story.
    Set to the original music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber a�� expect a mix of genres, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock a�?na�� roll.A� The 75-minute musical narrates the story of Joseph, a boy blessed with prophetic dreams, and his colourful coat that comes to life. a�?Almost 95 per cent of the cast comprise of amateur actors, ranging from eight to the late 50s,a�? begins Abraham, adding, a�?They may be new to theatre but not to singing, as they all have been part of church choirs in the city. So it was not a difficulty training them.a�?
    Joshua Williams, the producer tells us, a�?Therea��s nothing that we have outsourceda��be it props, costumes or the set. We have designed and made everything from scratch.a�? Prince Phinehas, a Chennai-based fashion designer, was roped in to design the costumes that are a�?simple yet era-specifica�?. Abraham, who is also a trained Western classical singer (he will be part of Disneya��s sequel, in Mumbai and New Delhi, this year) hopes this will be the first step to creating a theatre ensemble that focusses on musical plays. Williams, a music instructor at the school, also has plans to establish a theatre production group, St Georgea��s Georgians, that will be open to the public.
    Today and tomorrow, at the Museum Theatre, from 6.30 pm onwards. Tickets from Rs 300 onward. Details: ticketnew.com

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