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    When South African diamond company De Beers conducted the Diamond Acquisition Study with over 40,000 women from tier 1,2,3 cities in India last year, the results threw up some surprises. It was found that a nose pin was the second most preferred ornament after a ring by Indian women. Keeping this in mind, Forevermark, De Beersa�� diamond brand, fashioned a range of nose pins for the modern Indian, featuring seven interchangeable shells, one diamond nose pin and two ear studs. Armed with this knowledge, at the Forevermark Forum 2015 in Hyderabad, we met up with Costantino Papadimitriou, the flamboyant Greek senior vice president, brand strategy and innovation at Forevermark to ask what the inspiration was. a�?A woman dresses according to her mood. So she can sport a different nose pin every day, with the centre being a Forevermark diamond,a�? begins Papadimitriou, adding, a�?on the day you dona��t feel like wearing one, we have a bracelet that uses the stone as a charm.a�?

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    The study also showed that among millenials, diamonds were preferred over gold, and women wore them as an everyday style statement. With only one per cent of the worlda��s diamonds qualifying as a Forevermark, Papadimitriou promises exclusivity, and stones responsibly sourced from mines complying with political, financial, social and environmental policies. And in a $13-billion industry, Forevermark achieved sales at a retail value of $750 million in 2014.

    Diamonds are forever
    a�?Our main aim is to make sure that all women across the globe are wearing Forevermark. And although design plays a large role in that, our focus remains on diamonds,a�? he says, elaborating that florals, chunky and the vintage style of floral arrangements, full circle rings, and oval and square shapes are in. a�?Diamonds are forever, but that doesna��t mean you cana��t change the way it is worn,a�? says Papadimitriou, who has been with the company for 12 years.

    Shine on
    Entrenching themselves on the red carpet too, he says their products are in-demand and refers to the creations worn by Jamie King, Giuliana Rancic, Sienna Miller and Dylan Penn (who wore chandelier earrings by Narayan Jewellers). Explaining that by November, they fix on a look for the ensuing yeara��s red carpet events in collaboration with stylists, he says, a�?We send our prime pieces to an appointed hotel suite where celebrities and stylists pick their favourites. If they are happy with those, then wea��re home free. If not, we create a new one.a�?
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