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    After Paul McCartney and Madonna, these rock stars are also reaching out to toddlers from the pages of a book

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    Father of two sons, Ricky Martin created a character called Santiago the Dreamer for a new kidsa�� book series. The first instalment is titled Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars. Part of Martina��s routine is to read books with his children. a�?We have been doing this through the years. Since last year, ita��s all about Santiago. And, you know, Santiago has become a son for me and a brother for my kids,a�?
    says the star.

    Full circle
    While you can sing Bruce Springsteena��s song, Outlaw Pete, you can also read a book (of the same name, for children) written by the rock star. Launching on November 4, the story and the song are based on a bank-robbing baby, who realises that some of his choices in life have been wrong. The story has gone full circlea��as the song was initially inspired by a story read out to Springsteen by his mother and is now being made into a story again. According to Springsteen, a�?Outlaw Pete is essentially the story of a man trying to outlive and outrun his sins.a�?


    Back to school
    Do you know who a�?Weird Ala�� Yankovica��s alter ego is? A cute school kid named Billy. The pop music star recently authoured his second childrena��s book, My New Teacher and Me!A� a�?Billy, a small boy with a big imagination who meets Mr Booth, his new teachera�� a serious man with a strict lesson plan. Hea��s kind of a weird kid, but hea��s got a huge imagination. Billya��s more like the kid I wish I could have been. Hea��s more sure of himself. And hea��s not afraid to speak up and use his voice. I was kind of shy and withdrawn at that age,a��a�� says the musician.


    Sign board
    Even as generations follow the songs of Keith Richards, the star is all geared to make a lasting impression on children with his new book, Gus & Me (Little, Brown), a follow-up to his 2010 autobiography, Life. In a recent interview, he said, a�?There was a chapter in Life about my grandfather that they said would make a great kidsa�� story. I wasna��t too sure about it at first a��I dona��t write childrena��s books. But, at the same time, I got a call from my daughter Angela, who said, a�?a�?Guess what? Your fifth grandchild is on its way.a��a�� It was like, a�?Helloa��somethinga��s happening here,a�� so I decided to go ahead with it.a�?

    Duck tales
    Singer and song writer Daniel Johnston came up with an engaging and visually-attractive comic book, Space Ducks:An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness, last year. The book combines the songs and experiences of the folk singer. In fact, the singer also released a Space Ducks sound track and a gaming app. The comic book, as well as the song, has lyrics such as a�?Space ducks/fighting all the evil/all the creepy people/in the war in outer space.a�? The star sure is having the time of his life.


    a�� Compiled byA�Mrinalini Sundar


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