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Moves, drums and guitarsa��therea��s a lot to hook you in Hofesh Shechter Companya��s 70-minute act

t started off as a little sketch, a series of images, in Hofesh Shechtera��s notebook. a�?It was a train of ideas whose somewhat contradictory nature interested me,a�? begins Shechter, one of UKa��s most popular choreographers, explaining how he developed Political Mother, the 70-minute contemporary dance showcase that has gone on to garner rave reviews after it premiered in 2010 at the Brighton Festival. a�?Ita��s a very angry piece. There was a bit of a a�?let goa�� in the creation process, allowing the piece to become extreme in its attempt to tell a story about human beingsa�� attraction to power and the a�?patheticnessa�� involved in that,a�? he says.

Angry chords
The show, which is in the city this weekend as part of British Councila��s Impulse 2014, promises to be a�?hard-hitting, loud and powerfula��using imagery, audio, movement vocabulary and on-stage music. There are eight musicians, electric guitars and drums, 10 talented dancers and a soundtrack with electronic sounds and recorded strings,a�? says the Israel-born. In India for the first time with his company of 14 dancers, hea��s already toured Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore and says the response has been fantastic. a�?There is a genuine interest in contemporary dance and an appreciation of the physicality of our dancersa�� performances,a�? he says, adding that the workshops they conducted have also been rewarding a�?as we got a chance to meet young people from local schools and dance classes.a�? An avid tennis player in his free time, Shechter says that when they are not working, they are touring. He also states that he does not endeavour to create a unique style. a�?It only matters that it has emotional integrity. My a�?schoola�� was mainly dancing with the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel-Aviv, under the artistic direction of choreographer Ohad Naharin.A� This and Israleli folk dance inspired me to continue to be a dancer and to create,a�? he explains.

Going local
Calling the Indian tour an emotional experience, Niamh Oa��Flaherty, the companya��s producer, says everyone enjoyed a�?being out and about in the noise and the colour of the city streets, taking a tuk tuk, tasting the local food, as well as meeting people.a�? And as for Indian collaborations (Shechter had once said he wanted to choreograph for Bollywood films), she says, a�?Although we havena��t made any firm plans, we would love to collaborate with India as we have met some wonderful artistes and dancers on this first trip.a�?
Tickets from Rs.250 onwards. At Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Auditorium, 7 pm, September 20. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

a��Surya Praphulla Kumar