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    The signature grill House at Sheraton Park proves that it still pays to give prime meat the stone treatment.A�

    After being shut on and off due to the construction of their new towers, On The Rocks at Sheraton Park reopened in October with a visit from star chef Clive Dixon. And though the bubbly chef Nimrat Pahwa no longer heads its kitchen, chef Rohit Koshi from Cappuccino has taken over, with an upcoming Steak Out promotion to heat things up at the restaurant.

    a�?We will be highlighting some premium cuts of meat (filet mignon, T bone and French capped lamb chops) that are not available on the regular menu,a�? says Koshi, adding that as part of the promotion, one will have a choice of steak (conventional or on the lava rocks) served along with a soup of the day and dessert (fresh fruits or sorbet). Of course, you can pair your meal with wines, chosen by their expert sommelier.

    We inform Koshi about our choice of steak and the feasting begins. Semolina gnocchi and wild mushrooms are paired with a Chardonnay from Australia, the roasted chicken ravioli with a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend and even the chicken broth finds a partner in a Sauvignon Blanc.

    The gnocchi, interspersed with spinach and drizzled with olive oil, is topped with pine nuts for texture, and the creamy ravioli, hinting of parmesan and a secret ingredient, chicken skin, is quite filling. But if that does not do the trick, the 270 gm steak (I choose a cut of sirloin red meat) sizzling on the lava stone, certainly will.

    We end with an English steamed freckle pudding, as Koshi shares plans for a menu change. a�?We may bring back cracked corriander and fennel crusted pork chops with baked potatoes and grilled halibut with thyme and carrot puree. And for vegetarians Ia��ll be introducing a puffed rice with green curry served with smoked tapioca.a�? More on that on our next visit.

    November 18-30, priced from Rs 2,000 onwards. Details: 24994101

    a�� Ryan Peppin

    (Pic: Martin Louis)


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