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    Atune presents a night of soulful Hindustani classical music blended with EDM

    Asif Wahid, aka Atune, is a young Indian warhorse holding the baton of Hindustani classical music. His work behind the console is not the usual mix of the latest in hip hop or techno. Instead, he has followed his calling in Indian classical music, and blends contemporary electronic beats with tunes and raagas.
    Ita��s what gives him the edge over his peers, and has made him a dominant player in the Indian electronic music industry. He attributes his foray into music, despite having a degree in architecture, to his childhood. a�?My ancestors were brahmins, and my ancestral home outside Bengaluru had both a temple and a mosque, next to each other. Whenever we would go there, I would listen to the chants from the temple, and the azaan from the mosque. I think that involuntarily influenced my interest in music,a�? he says.
    Atune is one of the few DJs to have performed with international heavyweights such as Sander Van Doorn, Jerome Isma-ae, Moti, Sandro Silva, Quintino, Hard Rock Sofa, MightFools, Jordy Dazz, A-rock, and Christina Novelli.
    He is aware that the pub-goers in the city are not quite into soulful music and would often prefer something high on tempo a�� something that can set the pace for weekend revelry. a�?DJ-ing is not about playing a couple of tracks. It involves studying the crowd, and analysing what kind of music they might like. It involves crowd interaction thus leading them to the bar counter and making the gig an overall success,a�? he adds.

    November 22. At City Bar, MG Road. 9 pm. Details: 41716359
    a�� Nandini Kumar


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