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    The latest Star Wars flick fills in blanks that the opening segment of A New Hope alludes to, and we tell you how Purchase nimotop tablet

    If youai??i??ve seen the previous movies of the Star Wars franchise, youai??i??d know that thereai??i??s a lot to be excited about. A spin off of George Lucasai??i?? Star Wars: A New Hope, which premiered in 1977,Ai??Rogue OneAi??is an unexpected point of view of the Rebellion. Still set ai???a long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayai???, the movie tells a tale that is separate from the ongoing saga about Luke Skywalker. The movieAi??introduces a set of new characters and explores the unseen parts of the Star Wars universe.captain-cassian-andor

    Fitting in
    With the Galactic Republic a distantAi??memoryAi??and extinction of the Jedi Order, the galaxy descends into hopelessness. Even as Star Ship destroyers scout the systems, the Rebellion steps in to oppose the Empire, which is at the height of its power.Ai??Rogue OneAi??outlines the first victory by the Rebellion, and how they stole the plans of the Death Star, a weapon that will become the ultimate power in the universe.
    Familiar faceschirrut-imwe
    Known from her cameo inAi??Return of the JediAi??(1983), former Senate leader Mon Mothama recruits a team to steal the blueprints of the Death Star.Ai??As fans know, she will go on to become the first Chancellor of the new Republic ai??i?? the government formed during the downfall of the Empire. Genevieve O’Reilly, essays the role of her character at the early stages of her command.
    Saw Gerrera, a warriorAi??trained by Jedi master Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (before he nullbecame Darth Vader) is a prominent faceAi??from Clone WarsAi??ai??i??Ai??the animated series. A fringe rebel leader, Gerrera, now wages war on the Empire from Jedha ai??i?? a moon once inhabited by the Jedi.

    Rebels of Rogue One
    A human soldier with little or no connection to the Force, Jyn Erso is not your typical Star Wars hero. On her own since 15, JynAi??is on the run from the Empire when she is recruited by the Rebellion.
    Though timelines are tricky, fan theory has it that she maybe related to Rey fromAi??Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
    Soldier on
    Straying from the classic franchise design,Ai??the movie has a couple of secrets up its sleeves. The movie debuts two new types of stormtroopers ai??i?? the black-armoured Death Troopers, who stand at over 6 feet in height, as well as specialist Shoretroopers.

    captureNew vehiclesAi??in the Empireai??i??s armoury includeAi??an AT-ACT (a cargo-carrying variant of the AT-AT), an Imperial hovertank, and the U-wing (a variant of the hallmark X-wing fighter).Reality check AsAi??Rogue OneAi??is set before the events ofAi??A New Hope,Ai??director Gareth Edwards and cinematographer Grieg Fraser went back to the camera lenses of the 1970s to reproduce the movieai??i??s look and feel. Darth Vaderai??i??s look is
    re-created to the T. The end result of the Sith Lordai??i??s look is exactly like inAi??A New Hope, down to the little scratches, the matte-finish helmet and the wooden chest box with buttons stuck on.
    Remaking history
    Only a part of the rebel base on Yavin 4, first seen inAi??A New Hope, was recreated. The movie relies majorly on a matte painting to lend the illusion of size. The completed set measured approximately 350 feet in length by 200 feet in width.
    To create the city of Jedah, production designers looked to the ancient city of Jerusalem. To complete the set, the filmmakers shipped in 2,000 tons of sand and imported over 60 palm trees.

    It is 174.56 miles in diameter, and has 357 internal levels. Enslaved Wookies were used to create the Death Star. The initial Death Star housed 3,00,000 members of the Imperial military and later housed 2 million personnel. The Death Star super laser, capable of destroying worlds, is made of Kyber Crystals like those used in Jedi and Sith Lightsabers.

    Opens in theatres today.
    ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese


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