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    Therea��s something fishyA� happening along the ECRA� courtesy Sushi In A Box

    Hearing that someone had dared to start a sushi takeout venture in Chennai was a surprise by itself. So imagine our thoughts when the owners of Sushi In A Box informed us that their maximum orders till date, were from Indian customers. After a successful trial at Amma Naana in Nandanam, Tryst in Nungambakkam and Nilgiris in Neelankarai (their cold sushi is available at these outlets), owners Isidore Arun Kumar, Ehjas M and Sultan Sickenthar decided that Chennai was ready for its first Japanese takeout and delivery joint. Incidentally, this is the first food venture of the three partners who met by chance. a�?Isidore and I are management graduates from SRM who were toying with the idea of starting a restaurant. We met Sultan, who is an NRI from Bangkok, and after some thought, decided to try Japanese,a�? says Ehjas, 24, adding that their chef, Pom from Bangkok, was roped in by Sickenthar.

    Isidore Arun Kumar,  Ehjas M, Sultan  Sickenthar and Pom

    Isidore Arun Kumar,
    Ehjas M, Sultan
    Sickenthar and Pom

    Lessons in Japanese
    The team currently operates from a kitchen in Neelankarai and deliver the food personally across the city. Of course, therea��s a minimum order, but considering the variety on offer and the imported ingredients (sticky rice, nori and salmon), wea��re not surprised theya��re getting repeat orders. At least 18 varieties of sushi take the spotlight on their menu that also has a selection of Japanese favourites like tempura, furai and katsu (breaded furai a�� addictive with a tonkatsu dip), yakitori and omuraisu (Japanese fried rice wrapped in an omelette) a�� available in variants like ika (squid), ikakeso (squid head), yasai (vegetables), ebi (prawn) and tofu. And ita��s not just the names on their menu that are authentic. a�?Our chef insists that our yakitori is made only with chicken fat,a�? says Ehjas, illustrating that they are particular aboutA� quality and consistency. And before you get greasy images in your head, allow us to clarify that chicken fat is the Japanese way of referring to chicken thigh.

    Green bites
    We learn that ita��s the vegetarians that seem to be sushi addicts in the city. a�?I delivered about six orders of only vegetarian sushi today,a�? Ehjas lets us know. But though the avocado roll with fresh carrots and radish explains a little, ita��s still the prawn tempura roll with a dash of wasabi that has all our attention. The sushi (a box of eight pieces) is priced from Rs 225 onwards, and at a little over two inches in diameter, are quite filling. Bento boxes from Rs 400 onwards and sashimi from Rs 350 onwards, are also available. Details: 9884929111

    A�- Ryan Peppin


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