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    A motorised scooter makes your commute quick and adventurous

    2002CBLead4AA�foray into the world of The Jetsons, the electric self-balancing scooter Freego by HSAG Inter national, finally hits town. A concept developed in America in the early 2000s with reasonable success, Yogen Payyar, distributor and dealer at Freego India, describes the funky transporter as a�?personal and eco-friendlya�� with a wide range of applications across multiple fields. a�?Primarily, Freego needs to be viewed as an alternative to everyday modes of transport since it is eco-friendly, cost efficient and convenient,a�? says Payyar, adding, a�?With customisation possible, we are retrofitting the product with add-ons like golf bag kits, light material transportation units and cool accessories.a�?


    2002CBLead3Taking a spin
    Happy to give it a go, we hopped onto the sleek contraption and were instantly thrilled with it. With speeds up to 20 kmph, it is relatively safe and with pothole free roads, we could easily switch to the Freego way of commute. Working on the principle of balance and gravity, Payyar explains, a�?Freego senses the inclination of the rider with the assistance of two dimensional inertial navigation system and two accelerometers, which senses the angle of the Freego with respect to gravity at 100 times per second,a�? he explains, adding that it then balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. a�?If you lean forward the Freego applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. Similarly when you lean backward, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly,a�? he says, assisting us in mastering the art of gliding.
    The scooter runs on three 12V batteries and can be recharged at any standard plug point. A full charge (six to seven hours)
    runs up to four hours and a top speed of 20 kmph (approximately 35 kilometeres on road). a�?For those who are e-conscious, it is a fantastic investment. Not only is it cost effective, but also comparable to walking,a�? Payyar beams, saying a�?it makes you feel like a kid all over againa�?.
    On the safer side
    Safe for children under supervision, its overspeed alarm goes off if youa��re too fast, and the anti-theft system keeps the Freego safe. We particularly love the 360 degree rotation option and the reverse mode. Perfect for the adventurist (or the lazy walker too!).
    Apart from personal use, Payyar suggests commercial and residential complexes too should invest in them to make their entire floor accessible. a�?They work well in places like airports, industrial manufacturing, exhibitions, hotels and resorts. Even the services industry, such as facilities management, security and large-scale events and tourism can make use of it effectively.a�?
    Riders who want more bandwidth out of the Freego, can leave the On-Road (Freego U3) at home and switch the Off-Roader (Freego F3) which can handle rougher terrains with its larger wheel base and tyre specifications.

    `1.4 lakh upwards. Details: 09819000552 / freegoindia.com

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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