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    Roll Over brings presentation inspired by Thai streets and flavours inspired by desi treats Generic versions of lexapro

    Is it a crA?pe roll? Is it a pancake roll? Is it a chapathi roll?
    When you head over to an ice cream parlour called Roll Over, oneai??i??s imagination goes as far as ice cream ai???insideai??i?? a roll. Or perhaps, a doggie mascot rolling over, once the said ice cream is consumed ai??i?? thatai??i??s the next image that comes to mind. If thatai??i??s too wild for you, I did specify that this was rolled over in my imagination.

    Turns out though, none of the above is true ai??i?? as the ice cream ai???isai??i?? the roll. No base necessary.
    ai???Our friends in Bengaluru who were in Thailand two years ago, saw this on the streets there and were inspired to bring it to India,ai??? recalls Mahadevan A, one of the partners. After two outlets in Bengaluru, ai???Anna Nagar boysai??i?? as they call themselves ai??i?? Mahadevan, Niranjan P and G Kiran Kumar and sole girl in the group, Divya Pesala ai??i?? decided to buy over the Tamil Nadu franchise. The location, to begin with, was a no-brainer.Ai??The fact that the ice cream is made from scratch seems quite the opposite. That means blending ingredients, slathering them on a freeze pan, rolling and serving with every order. Also with three of their chocolate flavours out of stock, thereai??i??s no need to ask whatai??i??s in popular demand.

    We settle instead for a Strawberry Cheesecake flavour, aAi?? shade lighter than the pink on the walls. And then notice thereai??i??s a Christmas option of plum cake ice cream, which we order in glee, apart from sampling a must-try signature called Chocolate Karma. The latter is sort of a magic trick in motion. You get a tray with a chocolate ball around the size that Dwayne Bravo could bowl with at the IPL. Seconds later, after a drizzle of warm chocolate sauce ai??i?? it disappears ai??i??Ai??revealing a hidden brownie. Crunchy with bits of churro crumbs, it is paired with classic vanilla, and can be quite addictive.

    We love the adorable bar stools, and the most expensive item on this incidentally all-vegetarian menu is Rs 249. So itai??i??s no wonder that this little 22-seater dessert hangout is such a crowd-puller. However, the fact that a majority of their flavours are based on ready pre-mixes can be a bit of aAi?? put-off.Ai??Then, we tried the Paan Magic, with real meetha paan blended into the mix. With a minty aftertaste that ended our sugar rush on a high, this time we didnai??i??t need a ball to
    disappear for the magic quotient to be met.Ai??Average cost for two Rs 250.Details: 30853630

    ai??i?? Sonali Shenoy


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